TITUS PROJECT has started!

January 4, 2012

During christmas season and new year celebrations we’ve been a little extra busy than only having fun. A small group of my missionary coworkers we’ ve been cleaning the students dorms, the classroom, working and preparing our teachings and planning the outreaches that we will be leading. It means Titus Project was starting!

As I sit in the classroom, and Amy Stevens whole-heartly shares the testimony on how God called her as a 21 year old very shy girl, to be someone who takes God’s word to some of the most needed places in the world, where people has no access to Bible training and pastors and leaders are hungry in understanding God’s word to be able to shepherd the flock that God has entrusted in their hands.

I want to share the challenge right now to stop what you are doing, read the book of Titus and open your heart to what God might be calling you to do! Start with prayer!

If you want to help us take God’s word to the nations, we are getting ready for outreach and we need your support in prayers, encouragement and finances to pay for plane tickets, bus and train transportation, food, lodging for two months, teaching materials for pastors and leaders where is needed! We need the body of Christ for this!

My goal is to keep a journal on this blog during this Titus project, so that you can feel part of this adventure. Who knows if God stirs up your heart to do the same. That is my prayer, that we may be presented complete before our Lord when we get to see Him face to face and that you may be found faithful in what he has called you to do.

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