Integrity (Poem)

April 17, 2017

Integrity is not a virtue we posses

is a virtue to be pursued

and protected

in the boundaries of humility

and acknowledge a deep, raw, deep understanding

that we are dust

If one wants to lose it

and lose it again

just think that you have it

do not lean in your own understanding

one minute is enough

to blur an eternity of clarity

one fall is sufficient

to make you dwell in the shame

elusive, conducive

Oh, great treasure you are!

And so easy we trade you,

for less than a plate of lentils

when we think the hunger of the moment

will calm the deeper longing

that is usually hidden

behind desire,

The true fulfilling intimacy

with the one

who based in his righteousness

opens this way to walk

in integrity

to follow his steps

Integrity is not to be idolized, but to be admired

because it points

to the glorious beauty of the Holy and Faithful one

Oh! May I pursue you

Oh may I treasure to be like Him

and bring joy to his heart

that even as a kid learns to walk and tumble

I may do the same in his path

May integrity be guardrails

that keep me in the way that leads to Him,

with Him

Near and close

So close that I can hear his heart beat

and know Him

and love Him

and be loved

Based on who He is and what he has done.

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