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June 12, 2010
Is so good to slow down and we refuse to do. Why is it so difficult to stop! So I have been ejoying another compulsory “resting time”. So of the simplest things in life are the most vital ones. Breathing for example. Nobody thinks to breathe however…try to stop it!!!

I have been thinking how much is just to enjoy and be, and breathe and think and eat and meditate and see God. It’s not that difficult. But is vital. Is not something we should think too much about. But we cannot live without it.

Until the next time. This week we have our first break of SBS and I have got an invitation to enjoy life and get to know and grow in God with amazing people in the beautiful island of Okinawa. What a treat from heaven. God is in the details and te best things in our lives, the most necessary ones we have not had to request, or beg for them. Life, air, love, parents, friends, gifts!!! Did not ask for them and are the greatest gifts. There is one last more. Do not shoot me some christians…Salvation…I did not ask for it. But Here we are.
So there is just one more thing…Thank you. Be thankful. I am.
With love from Taiwan

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