DAY…trials and heartaches and so on!!!!

January 24, 2012

This week has been an interesting week. Last friday I received the news that my ARC (Alien Resident Certificate) in other words my resident visa in Taiwan is a little delayed. My organization applied around three months ago but there has been some “problems” in the renewal process.

For those who are not familiar, we are in the middle of chinese new year celebrations. That means that no government offices will open since last friday until next week monday, so that means my departure to Mongolia is delayed and we do not know for how long.

So prayers are urgently required. I’ve been preparing for three months to teach the book of Genesis in the Bible School that we will be teaching in the city of Edernet in Mongolia. Due to this impass, I had to swap teaching with a teammate and he will be teaching Genesis and I will have to teach Joshua. Obviously this was in God’s providential and Sovereign master planning. However the process of struggling with all this last minutes “uncertainties” along the sinergy of a bunch of other complications make this days stressing. At the same time, God’s glory make this things “grow dim”.

As I watch a you tube video, of one of my favorite children hymns by a children group, my faith in encouraged. Every single, trial, difficulty and everything else, just grow dim. As I count my blessings, the surpass the sadness. As I contemplate the face of Jesus, His glory, His goodness, everything is worth it!

So as I also deal, with personal sickness, family challenges, my grandfather who I love dearly and is one of my most faithful supporters in prayers and finances, as my mom struggles with dealing with the emotional burden and possibility of losing her dear father, with two of her children in other countries, still, Jesus is worth it. Everything worth it.

so please keep praying for me, my mom, my family, my team. And may God’s name alone be glorified as we bring His word, His revelation of his works, character and nature to the nations, in times and places and weather’s that no one wants to go, we need His grace becuase He is worthy to be praised.

May the songs of the nations, for His Glory, be heard!

With love,


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    Praying for U, beloved friend!!

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