Why Songs of the Nations?

September 24, 2011

I know you might be thinking that I am explaining this more than two years after I decided to open this blog. I started this blog to keep people updated of what God is doing in my life and how He is moving in the missions field, especially amongst The Unreached.

I received my calling to missions when I was 9 years old. I arrived to a children/youth camp and I was late so worship time had started. I closed my eyes and stayed quiet in God’s presence. Then while listening for the first time to the following lines, sung in my beloved mother language, spanish: 

“Oh Lord, send me
I want to be used by you
Whether far away or just right here,
 Here I am, send me Lord”

While tears pouring from my eyes one of the deepest feelings of the presence of the Holy Spirit in my life I felt that day. While I was still crying with my eyes closed, it felt that it was just God and me in that room, although I was surrounded of almost 200 youth and children. Right there I saw a vision: People’s with different skin colors and features were lifting their arms to heaven. A multitude of them all together. And what I felt in my heart was: Are these people worshiping or asking for help, for someone to go? Should I go? The fast beating heart inside me and the sense of God’s presence was confirmation.

At that very same camp I won a contest. And the price was to be the main preacher at an outreach the last afternoon of the camp in one of the most religious and promiscuos cities at the time in my native Dominican Republic: The city of La Vega. After going two by two or three by three knocking door to door, my first evangelistic experience of this type included being kicked out with a broom swing by a lady, because she didn’t want to talk to the crazy evangelicals. (In 1980’s was still believed that if you were evangelical you were crazy, specially but people from the traditional church).

But at the end of the afternoon, standing on two hard boxes of soda bottles, I shared what I’ve been taught in a 10 min message. Romans 5:8. The gospel in simple words :”We are sinners. God loved us even when we were sinners. We need to repent from our sins. God in the person of Jesus died to pay the price for our sins. And we need to be reconciled with Him. I don’t remember how many people responded. But it didn’t matter. What matter was that I learned the gospel is powerful and unstoppable even when a child is the communicator.

So I knew from those days that I had been called by God to be a missionary. I didn’t know how that was going to happen, as I didn’t know personally any missionary apart from the mormons that I saw a few times in the street. 

I praise God for my childhood pastors and leaders who never stop believing and didn’t look down in God’s calling in a child’s live. It took 21 more years to step out to the missions field.

I work with YWAM based in Taipei, Taiwan. And apart from reaching the taiwanese my main ministry is to take Bible training to the indigenous churches in far places in Southeast Asia. People has come to the Lord and still a lot of these churches don’t even understand the word of God. That is the foundation for them to be able to reach their own people.

So as I listened to Louie Giglio’s message at the Desiring God conference on Frontier Missions (this morning for me, night time in Minnesotta). I was reminded the reason why I am a missionary and why I named this blog Songs of the Nations: God deserves to be praised and the nations need to know Him in order for them to praise Him.

Would you go, send or disobey?

In Christ love,


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